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Hilliard Bruce Vineyards

Hilliard Bruce Estate Vineyard

PINOT NOIR  - 15.7 acres, clones 115, 667, 777, Calera, Pommard
CHARDONNAY  -  5.3 acres, clones 76 & 96 
LOCATION  -  Sta. Rita Hills AVA - Western boundary
SOIL TYPE  -  Sand & Silt
WEATHER  -  cool, windy maritime influence with early morning & evening fog

Hilliard Bruce is proud to be a certified sustainable vineyard through Sustainablity in Practice (SIP). Sustainable vineyard practices are of utmost importance and is diligently managed by Coastal Vineyard Care. Every effort is made to maintain the vineyard’s health and productivity, lessen environmental impact, conserve our natural resources, and minimize pollution. Our vineyards are cared for by hand and gently hand-harvested.

- Fertilizer is made in our cutting-edge, static-aerated compost facility, along with the use of cover crops in the dormant season
- Water is sourced from our 1.9 million-gallon on-site well reservoir, naturally filtered of hard minerals and metals via floating bio-remediation islands
- Irrigation to each vine monitored through in-soil sensors, which measure the exact deficit of each vine so that no water is given unless necessary

The vineyard is divided into blocks by soil, rootstock, and clone variety. Microclimate conditions vary between each block - from full sun, 40-mph marine winds, cool valleys, and warm East- and South-facing blocks. Vines are planted densely 3 feet apart in 6-foot rows - 2,420 vines per acre. Our unique climate is defined by a cold and windy maritime influence, allowing for an extended growing season for the grapes. The fast-draining soil is sandy silt, which stresses the vines, resulting in greater control over irrigation and ultimately, more complex flavors.